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What is a Smart Lock?

Technology is challenging old assumptions and creating new realities that benefit people everywhere. That’s undoubtedly true for homeowners, as smart home devices rapidly alter the way residents interact with their homes. One of the newer innovations is smart locks to fit the needs of virtually any homeowner.

A New Way to Open Doors

Most everyone experiences times when using a key to open a door isn’t convenient. Running from the car to the door with an armload of groceries during a downpour is a prime example of an occasion when a traditional keyed lock creates problems. When a smart lock is installed, doors are unlocked using proximity, the touch of a finger, a smartphone, or other options.

In other words, installing a smart lock eliminates the need for residents to dig out a key, insert it in the lock, and deactivate the lock. While various smart lock options employ different strategies for providing home security, they all share a common benefit: they make life easier. However, smart locks for homes offer even more benefits to consider.

Smart Locks Enhance Your Home’s Security

The whole point of locking your home is to keep the property safe and secure, and that holds true both when residents are home and when they’re away. Traditional keyed locks work, but they don’t always provide the level of security people expect or need.

A good example is leaving home in the morning and forgetting to lock the door. Even the best lock won’t protect your home if it’s not used. With a smart lock, it’s easy to determine whether a door is locked. If you forget to lock a door, smart locks can be activated using a phone app.

At the same time, smart locks with keys provide an additional level of convenience, as the key can still be used if your smartphone isn’t functioning properly for keyless entry or you wish to give a key to another person for use while you’re away.

Using security cameras along with smart locks allows users to identify anyone coming to the door and determine how to proceed. If you’re comfortable doing so, it’s easy to unlock the door remotely and allow the visitor to enter the home. On the other hand, if you’re unsure who the person is and don’t feel safe opening the door, you can use the security system to talk to the visitor or contact the authorities if help is needed.

Convenient Features Simplify Life

There are times when several people routinely access a home every day and having that many keys in use will increase the risk of one being lost. If that happens, safety issues demand the locks be changed to prevent an unauthorized user from gaining access to the home. With smart locks, there is no need for everyone to have keys. Codes, fingerprints, and smart devices allow residents to enter the house without a key.

Smart locks also make it easier to let workers into the home to make repairs or allow delivery personnel to open the door and leave a package inside the home rather than outside. Many smart locks can be programmed to let an individual with the proper code enter the home. Some locks allow a one-time use of a code, but smart locks can usually be reprogrammed to use the same code if the person will be returning. The level of trust dictates how much access a homeowner allows.

Make Your Smart Lock a Part of Your Smart Home Plan

Smart homes include numerous devices, including heating and cooling systems, refrigerators, cooking appliances, and various security devices that the smart system can easily control. Your new smart lock works with the overall smart home features, taking comfort, convenience, and safety to a new level.

Devices may use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, or Z-WAVE technology to communicate, and smart locks are available to work properly with any of those standards. If you’re unsure which communication standard to use, contact the experts to discuss which options may be in place in your home or which ones to consider using when installing smart home devices.

Remember that smart homes are relatively new, and not all devices will communicate seamlessly. That means selecting your new smart lock may require some research to ensure you’re making the best choice.

For Best Results, Have an Expert Help You Choose and Install a New Smart Lock

Installing new locks of any type may appear to be an easy process, but encountering problems is all too common. While there is some level of standardization, not all locks fit existing holes in doors as well as they could. Homeowners attempting their own installations may not enjoy the best results when problems occur. Consider having an expert come to the home, inspect the current locks, and provide recommendations for replacements.

That’s even more important when upgrading to smart locks, as your home’s needs are likely to be somewhat different than those of other homes in the area. Decisions need to be made when selecting new locks and installing them, and a professional locksmith will have the best recommendations and solutions.

Because there are many smart lock options now available, selecting one won’t always be easy. Yes, reading descriptions online and going over reviews can narrow down the options, but there may still be a degree of uncertainty when deciding which lock system to use. Contacting a professional locksmith with questions or concerns generally makes it easier to determine which smart lock will fit your needs.

Of course, the best smart locks won’t be cheap, which makes choosing the right one even more important. A quality smart lock should last for years, be compatible with other smart devices, and fit the needs of a home’s residents. Don’t forget that your needs will evolve as you age or your children grow. Keep your future needs in mind when choosing a new lock system (and a locksmith to install it).