Replace Car Keys

Replacing Your Car Keys

You've checked all your pockets. You've checked the dish by the door, between the sofa cushions, and in the dog's bed. Your keys are lost. That is just one scenario that would put your car's security at risk.

No matter the circumstance, if something has compromised your car's safety, you have two options: to replace the entire lock mechanism or to rekey your car locks.

Leaving your car unlocked is not a viable option if you still need it to be there in the morning. And if your car or your keys are in jeopardy, you are gambling with the security of your vehicle.

Here, we'll explain what it means to rekey car locks. We'll look at various reasons you would want to rekey your car or when it is time to replace the actual lock mechanism. We'll explore the benefits of rekeying and the convenient rekeying services that Action Lock Doc provides for your peace of mind.

What does rekeying mean?

Rekeying is the process of adjusting the tumbler settings inside a car's lock and replacing the lock pins. By doing this, only a new set of keys designed to work with this modified lock will open your vehicle; and your old keys will no longer work.

Just as there is a wide variety of cars and trucks, there are also loads of different keys. Input your car's make and year here to ensure that Action Lock Doc can replace your car keys often with the same key your dealership would use.

Reasons To Rekey A Car:

As we mentioned above, losing your keys (and not finding them again) would be a perfect time to replace car keys by rekeying your car locks. Some other reasons would be:

Car Theft

In 2019, Texas was the second-highest state for car theft in the country. In the last few years, that number has been increasing due to the number of keys left inside vehicles.


If you suspect someone has broken into your car - the safety and security of your vehicle are now compromised.

Key Sets or Copies

Perhaps your car got loaned out, or a relationship has ended badly with someone who has the second set of keys; either of those reasons would be an excellent time to seek rekeying services.

Ignition Replacement

Have you had your ignition replaced recently? If so, you likely would have been issued with a new ignition key. Gone are the days when we used two keys: one for the door and one for the ignition. Now, for convenience, they're usually the same key. So, if one has changed - the other should too.

Lost Keys

What do you do when you lose your keys? When time is short, you likely resort to the backup set. But that means the main set is somewhere unknown. If they don't show up quickly, don't switch to using the second set, as someone may have your first set. Replace your car keys.

When To Change Locks (Instead of Rekeying)

Though rekeying is the easier and more cost-effective option, sometimes replacing the whole lock mechanism is necessary, such as:

  • Your car's locks are not functioning correctly. Either the key won't go in, or nothing happens when you turn the key.
  • A car accident badly damaged your car door. Cost-saving option: if you're replacing the door (with one from a junkyard, for instance), the cylinders from your old (damaged) door could be transferred to the new door.
  • Your key has broken off in the lock. Self-explanatory, your lock now has something stuck inside it.
  • And any other problems that would result in you getting locked out of your car.

Do not hope that any handyman can change a lock. Ensure this intricate work to a qualified locksmith.

Benefits to Rekeying Car Locks

Many benefits make auto rekeying an excellent option for the security of your vehicle, such as:

Cost Benefits

The cost to rekey a vehicle is significantly less than the cost of replacing a complete lock.

Back on the Road Sooner

Having a locksmith rekey your car locks and replace your car keys can happen in a much shorter time frame than replacing a whole lock mechanism.

Improved Security

As you can decide how many key copies you'd like made for your rekeyed car locks, it's a great way to minimize the risk of wayward backup sets.

Also, if you've bought a used vehicle privately, rekeying a great way to ensure a former owner can no longer access your car or truck.


If your ignition and your door operate with two different keys, rekeying is a great way to revert to one single key instead of wasting time each day putting the wrong key in the wrong lock.

Whatever your reason for needing to rekey your car, it is often a better option than replacing a complete lock. Having a qualified locksmith rekey your vehicle is a convenient and affordable option to secure your car.

Quick and Easy Rekeying Services

If you're looking to rekey your vehicle - look no further:

  • We're mobile! If you can't come to us, give us a call, and we will come to you.
  • Every one of our locksmiths is bonded and insured.

In most instances, rekeying your vehicle is the best solution. It's a straightforward procedure that ensures your car's security while taking less time and costing less money than replacing a whole lock.

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