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Commercial Access Control

Action Lock Doc offers a complete suite of access control solutions to secure and protect your business using the latest technology. Whether you need to re-key a lock or install a state-of-the-art access control and surveillance system, we have you covered!

Commercial Access Control Features

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  • Install Keypads and Card Scanners
  • Keycards & Fobs
  • Install door hardware
  • Integrate with existing infrastructure
  • Install Access Control Systems
  • Magnetic locks
  • Biometric readers
  • Install Panic Bars, Keyless Entry, etc.

How we can help you

Access Control

Installing access control helps your business control which personnel can access specific areas, automatically lock and unlock doors on a schedule, and much, much more!


No matter why you need your locks re-keyed or if you want your locks changed out, our experienced locksmiths will come to you, vet your needs, and get you squared away.

Door replacement

Your locks are only as good as the doors they're installed in. We offer our door replacement services to ensure that you're using sturdy, high quality doors to stay safe.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Our locksmiths are well versed and experienced with handling safe deposit boxes. and have the expertise to both open and repair safe deposit boxes.

Safe Repair

Our locksmiths are regularly trained and are familiar with most residential and commercially available safes so they can open, change the combo, repair, and more.

Video Cameras

We also offer a variety of residential and commercial surveillance camera systems so you can secure your home or business even when you're not there.

Access Control You Can Trust

We've been providing our professional commercial access control services for over 40 years, but don't take our word for it.

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Cathalina D.
Cathalina D.

WOW! I went to three other places for a special key to be duplicated and none of the other places could help me. Action Lock Doc helped in every way- they were fast (they made the key within 10 minutes of me being there), affordable, and professional. I highly recommend them and will be returning for any other key/lock needs.

Wendy H.
Wendy H.

These guys are great. Very friendly and helpful, both on the phone and in person. I will definitely use them again and recommend them. I locked my key fob in my car (which isn't supposed to happen). I had the key code and called them to see if they could make me a key. They put me on hold and had to hunt for the right one. They found it, made me a key and saved me $$$. Plus now I have an extra key!

Anna B.
Anna B.

Every key that they have made for me has worked perfectly. I have even had them rekey a file cabinet that I purchased on clearance elsewhere that was missing a key. I've been doing business there for at least 20 years. Always pleased.

Shellie K.
Shellie K.

So glad I found Joseph and his team!

Kelly H.
Kelly H.
Best experience I’ve ever had with a locksmith - and I’ve had quite a few experiences with them, unfortunately! Jeff was the greatest. He was so kind and very professional. He was also able to get to me in less than 30 minutes, he called me when he was on his way, and it took him no more than 2 minutes to unlock my car. Super quick and easy! Thank you Jeff!!!
Sergey F.
Sergey F.

Prompt, professional, and friendly. Needed a key, Ian had me in and out in 5 minutes. Would definitely recommend.

Wayne W.
Wayne W.

Bought a Schlage Smart Lock from Amazon. Needed to get it re-keyed so the key would match all the rest of my house locks. The guys at Action Lock Doc were able to do it in few minutes while I waited...and for a very fair price. I've definitely saving them in my favorites in case I ever again need lock work done.

Joe P.
Joe P.

Fixed my problem within 20 minutes. Their tech, Jeff, was a very nice young man. Appeared to be very knowledgeable, was pleasant, was courteous and articulate. Most of the time you never know who might show up or how they might perform. This was a very pleasant experience and I would definitely recommend this company. Jeff is an excellent representative of this company.

Charelle H.
Charelle H.

i need my home door key pad to be installed and surprisingly Action lock & key was able to install it. They had really kind customer service and was really professional.

Paul D.
Paul D.

Ian was outstanding. I needed a couple of rare keys cut and he not only had the blanks, but he was very knowledgeable and courteous. I will definitely go there again.

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Commercial Access Control Systems

Safety and security for your building is your top priority. Taking control of potential access from the outside as well as from within is step one. A commercial access control system can help you accomplish this goal, mitigate risk, and give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

The process of implementing another system in your arsenal may seem overwhelming, even if it is a positive change. The good news is that the technology made to help you protect the employees and customers that may interact with your building has never been more user-friendly and readily available.

With the right system at the ready, you will be able to track incoming and outgoing traffic throughout the day, establish or rescind door access, and prevent crime with a commercial access control system that you can trust.

Overview of Features

Property crime is always a potential issue that a business may face. Of the total number of property crimes, burglaries made up an estimated 16.1 percent. Burglars can barge in at any time of the day or to any type of business. Burglars may target individuals, money, equipment, or important data when looking to break in and cause harm.

For this reason, whether you have a small building to protect or a business with larger-scale needs, having access control for commercial buildings should not be something that you gloss over. It is of utmost importance to have guests and employees who feel safe and secure at the end of the day.

Managing visitors and personnel flow through your facility is just one advantage to commercial access control installation. Take advantage of your monitoring options if you are interested in remote access. Another critical feature of a well-performing locking system is automation. Adjust anyone’s access to meet what fits your schedule, and rest easy even after hours.

Manage Visitors and Personnel

Unquestionably, you will need to regulate who is entering your facility and when they are doing so. Use an access system to direct visitors and personnel that may otherwise be able to enter any part of the facility. You may already have some security measures in place that allow you to monitor or lock some parts of your building. If you are looking to expand your options, an access control system is the way to go.

Unauthorized visitors present a risk to your property, business, data, and employees. Allowing for commercial door access control on all of your outside entrances can help mitigate this risk. With options to identify and track new guests, there is no reason to let unknown individuals go unnoticed.

Personnel on the premises do not always need access to all parts of a building or campus. Restricting their ability to enter certain areas can be beneficial to ensure they are where they need to be at all hours. This can also help you account for your employee’s locations across the property in case of an emergency.

Monitoring Options

Options to monitor your access control system range from an online solution to outsourcing the management to your system administrator. An online solution may give you more overall control while outsourcing the management of your system saves you more time. Depending on your ability to invest time, money, and effort, either of these options may be better suited to your situation.

An online solution is best if you will need to administer and change specific controls remotely. With a compatible web application, you would be able to limit access, track visitors, or lockdown entrances if need be. You can do all of the things mentioned above from wherever you have online access while leaving the building for the day or for a week with the knowledge that it is secure.

An outsourced administration can save time and money by leaving the management to a system that is already built. There is no need to figure out the specifics or take care of repetitive access issues with this remote access control system. This hands-off approach will handle the details for you.

Automated Locking

If your business runs on a set schedule then automation is your best friend. Just like auto-draft payments can help you avoid those pesky fees, automated locking measures can help you avoid paying for severe security issues long-term.

The best part is that you can establish automatic locking to be as specific as you need. You may need a whole building to be closed or just particular doors to remain locked overnight, in case certain personnel may suddenly need entry to a previously restricted area. You can get all of those quite effortlessly.

Time the lockdown of your entrances and exits to fit your day-to-day needs. Without having to worry about manually securing each access point, you will be free to focus on improving your business.

Integration with the Existing Systems

It is hard enough to manage several things at once. Similarly, installing an entirely different type of access control systems than what you already have means, pretty much, a lot more work. So, while you want the best access control system to ensure the safety of your property and people, incorporating a system that you don’t need much adjustment to always means less money spent and more energy saved.

This is why it’s important to have an access control system that fits into all of the products or software that you already work on within your business.

It is common for most businesses to have video surveillance cameras as they are a great way to observe a property and monitor specific entrances. If you already have a video surveillance system in place, then incorporating a commercial access control system to ramp up your business’s security would be a sensible next step.

You likely already have a theft prevention system, one that is already integrated into your surveillance system, or another type of alarm setup. You can even adopt this existing alarm system into your access system to maximize the control that you have overall.

Minimize the threats presented to your business by utilizing a system that will track, manage, monitor, and secure your facility. Gain all of this by upgrading or with the ability to merge with existing security measures, and you will have the protection you and your people need.

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