Openpath Access Control

We create innovative access control solutions for smarter buildings. With sleek hardware and convenient hands-free, mobile entry that makes it easier than ever to go through security checks, our platform is designed with an open API architecture and backward compatibility so you can seamlessly integrate the most advanced technology partners into your building's system.

Cloud Software

Manage all your sites and users from a single interface for real-time access control 24/7


All you'll need are Openpath's Smart Hub and Readers to get your system up and running

Access Points

Openpath has many ways in. Employees can choose which secure key fits them best.

Door Readers

The Openpath Standard Smart Reader v2 has been designed to make your door and office environment safer, smarter, more comfortable for employees. This reader supports multiple touchless access methods in addition to low-frequency (125 kHz) and high frequency (13.56 MHz). It also supports a varied range of key cards or fobs that the user can use with this device as well. The most innovative feature is its ability to track occupancy by using Bluetooth technology; you will be able just like before but without any contact needed!

12/24V 4-Door Access Control Panel

The Core Series Smart Hub is a modular access control unit that supports four Openpath readers and four doors. The Core features the Access Control core that securely makes all entry decisions, and can be configured via Bluetooth using the open path Admin app- it connects to expansion boards which include ports for Reader's (OpenPath) or door hardware - RS485 wiring powers up everything so you don't need power supply cables everywhere!

Single Door Controller

The Openpath Single Door Controller is a two-door access control unit that securely makes all entry decisions and can be configured via Bluetooth using the Admin App. With wired or wireless connectivity, it communicates with the open path cloud for system management and maintenance. The controller includes ports for relays (dry/wet), smart readers, REX sensors, contact sensors as well as configurable inputs to accommodate wiegand devices or extra sensor needs.