Use These Simple Tips To Protect Your Car From Theft

tips to protect your car from theft

No matter how safe our neighborhoods are, it is hard not to worry about theft when we see so many stories in the news. It takes less than a minute for someone with tools and determination to break into your car. Fortunately there are ways you can make this inconvenient – if not impossible! We’ve…

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How to Become a Locksmith

how to become a locksmith

Locksmiths make and cut keys, install security systems and locks, maintain and repair locking systems, and help people when they’re locked out of their homes and vehicles. If you’re mechanically inclined, if you like a fast-paced work environment, and if it’s your goal to help people be more secure, then becoming a locksmith may be…

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How Do Locks Work?

how do lock work

We trust locks to keep our homes and belongings safe, but most people don’t know much about how locks work. Because a lock’s mechanism is hidden, we can only imagine what happens when we insert and turn a key. There are many types of locks that work in different ways, but the most common is…

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The Ultimate Guide to Secure Door Locks

secure door locks guide

Whether you’re protecting a home or a business, door locks offer an unparalleled level of security and safety. Locks serve as a barrier that keeps your work areas and living spaces safe and private, which means efficacy is essential. Almost three million buildings are burglarized every year, so knowing the differences between door lock types…

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How Often Should You Replace Your Home Locks

replace home door locks

Replacing the locks on your home is an arduous task that usually happens due to an emergency such as being locked out. The thought of having your locks changed and having to have new keys cut sounds like a nightmare. However, replacing your locks keeps your home safe and keeps your mind at peace. Break-ins…

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The History of Car Locks

history of car locks

Today we take it for granted that modern cars are sold with keys that allow owners to unlock the doors and trunk and start their vehicles. However, it wasn’t always that way. At one time, cars did not include keys and were easy to steal. Auto manufacturers eventually developed various locking systems that were convenient…

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Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Safe

how to keep your home safe

Burglary is a common crime throughout the U.S., where a break-in happens about once every 30 seconds. However, the majority of burglaries are crimes of opportunity. Most thieves are not professionals, so they’re looking for an easy target. Fortunately, there are some simple and effective steps you can take to keep your home safe. Keep…

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Best Brands of Door Locks for Your Home

best home door locks

Best Lock Brands for Residential Locks When it comes to choosing a lock brand for your home, you don’t want to sell yourself short. Understanding how locks work in general and what you should be looking for in a residential door lock manufacturer will help you choose the right brand. The last thing you want…

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I Locked my Keys in the Car. Now what?

locked keys in car

It happens to all of us. We’ve all thought that we put our keys in our pocket, but then we see them on the seat when we look back in the car. It’s easy to panic in this situation, but it’s essential to remain calm. Getting locked out of your car can happen to the…

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