best places to put your spare key holder

The 6 Best Places to Put Your Spare Key Holder

Needing your spare set of keys is rarely ever a good thing. It normally happens at the worst possible time or in the worst possible way.

You never know when you’ll need to get your hands on your spare set of keys so they need to be quickly accessible by anyone at any time. Some people recommend that you leave them with a friend or a neighbor. But what happens if they aren’t home? What if they’re out of town? What if they lose them? Then you’re out of luck. This is why the best place to put a spare key holder is in your backyard.

You don’t want to put your spare key in one of the usual spots (fake rock, on top of the door jam, under a flower pot, etc.) since those are the first places that people look. Instead, hide your spare key in one of the places below.

Best Places to Store a Spare Key

Chances are that if you’ve lost your keys, you can’t get back into your house either so these hiding spots will all be located in the safety of your backyard.

#1: Inside Your Shed

Storage sheds are a great addition to any home so that homeowners have a dedicated place to store landscaping materials and equipment without them being exposed to the elements. It’s also an excellent place for you to hide your spare keys since there are plenty of hiding spots to choose from. Extra sets of keys can be taped underneath shelves, locked in a combination safe, hidden in a jar or coffee can, or one of many other places. The key here is to make the hiding spot look as innocuous as possible or your shed as cluttered as possible so thieves won’t be able to quickly find it.

#2: The Back of Your Grill

BBQ grills are often overlooked because of how large and heavy they are. This is one of the last items that thieves want to steal. However, this works in your favor since you can stash a spare key on your grill and it will go completely unnoticed thanks to its protective cover. Full disclosure, this hiding spot is best suited for a house key as opposed to a set of car keys.

To hide your spare house key on your grill, simply attach the sticky side of an adhesive magnetic strip to the key and then find a solid piece of metal as far from the burners as possible so it won’t damage the magnet. Stick the magnet side to it, replace the protective cover on your grill, and you’ve got yourself an excellently hidden spare key.

#3: Buried in the Flower Bed

While certainly not the most practical hiding place for your keys, it is one of the most effective. The last thing that thieves want to do is dig up an entire garden to find a key that may or may not be there.

If you’re thinking about hiding your keys in the flower bed, be sure to keep a few things in mind.

Firstly, you’re going to need a watertight container, preferably something that has a gasket to keep liquids from getting inside the container and damaging your key.

Secondly, you need a way of remembering exactly where you buried it or you’re in the same predicament as potential thieves. Try marking the spot with a certain stone or decorations.

Lastly, be sure to have some sort of digging tool at hand so you don’t have to use your hands. A simple hand trowel should be more than enough and can be left in your flower bed without raising suspicion.

#4: Under Your Lawn Furniture

Lawn furniture is an excellent example of hiding things in plain sight. Depending on what sort of outdoor furniture you have, there are all sorts of nooks, crannies, and hidden surfaces that a spare key can be taped to. The safest place to tap your spare key is beneath a flat surface whether it’s the tabletop or the seat on one of the chairs. This will keep both the key and the tape out of the elements so the tape doesn’t fall off early.

#5: Disguised Key Holders

While burglars know to look for fake rocks, there are plenty of new spare key holders that seamlessly blend into their surroundings. And there are more options than you’d think! A few options include a fake electrical junction box, drain spout caps, water hose caps, and fake sprinkler heads. You can even hide your key in a birdhouse or inside your laundry vent too!

#6: Behind a Loose Brick

Sometimes the oldest way is the best. People have been hiding keys and valuables behind loose stones and bricks for as long as we’ve had them. If you have a loose stone in a walkway or a loose brick on your house, see if you can remove it without disturbing its surroundings too much. Putting your spare key behind it will give you an innocuous hiding spot that thieves are sure to miss.


There’s never a convenient time to need a spare key. Being prepared for this unfortunate event will make things a lot easier on yourself. Be sure to stash a spare set of keys in one of the hiding places below so you can get back to your day.

Best Hiding Places for a Spare Key

  • Inside your shed
  • Back of your grill
  • Buried in the flower bed
  • Under lawn furniture
  • Disguised key holders
  • Behind a loose brick