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Best Brands of Door Locks for Your Home

Best Lock Brands for Residential Locks

When it comes to choosing a lock brand for your home, you don’t want to sell yourself short. Understanding how locks work in general and what you should be looking for in a residential door lock manufacturer will help you choose the right brand. The last thing you want to compromise is the safety and security of your home.  

Types of Locks

All locks do the same thing; keep you, your family, and your treasured possessions protected. But there are various locks available, each with different features depending on what you’re looking for. 

Key-in-Knob and Key-in-Lever Locks

Key-in-Knob and Key-in Lever locks are one of the most common locks. The lock cylinder is located inside the knob instead of inside the door. The correct key lifts the levers inside to a certain height to unlock. 

Cylindrical and tumbler locks are not the strongest products. So, it is relatively easy to break into a home using knob locks, so they work best for indoor use. 


When you turn the key to lock a deadbolt, it projects into the door frame, and you can’t break it by forcing the door open. Deadbolts provide significant resistance and protection. You can only unlock the most common types of deadbolts from one side. Locksets and double cylinder deadbolts work to provide extra security with two projecting bolts. 


A padlock is a detachable lock that you loop around a shackle that sticks out of the door. As a freestanding lock, they don’t have a lot of resistance when forcing down a door. They work best to lock chests and interior doors. 

Key Factors to Consider

Locks might all appear the same; insert key and turn, right? But there are differences in their construction and function.

Strike Plate

The strike plate is the metal plate that attaches inside your doorframe. This is one of the key pieces in your locking system. A steel bolt will extend into the hole in the strike plate when you turn the deadbolt. It is best to avoid inexpensive models because this might mean a flimsy strike plate. 

Flimsy isn’t a word you want to use when it comes to your home’s security. Consider that a weaker strike plate might bend easily when kicked. A reinforced strike plate provides better home security protection.  


All locks are given a rating issued by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These grades are either a one, two, or three, with one being the best. This rating is based on a lock’s ability to withstand forced entry and its durability.  

Grade One

As stated, this is the highest grade a lock can receive. At one point, you would only find Grade One locks on industrial buildings. But, as of late, more manufacturers are producing Grade One residential locks.  

Grade Two

Grade Two locks are what you typically find on residential homes. They do feature high-quality steel construction. Unless you need high security, these should do just fine for your home. They will deter most attempts at a forceful entry.  

Grade Three

These locks may contain substandard components (like a flimsy strike plate). While they will offer some protection, they may not hold up to a determined intruder. Also, they will not last as long as their higher graded counterparts.  

Top Five Picks for Best Residential Lock Brands 

When it comes to safety and security, you want a lock to ensure durability, quality, and high ratings. Now that you know what goes into making a solid lock check out our top five picks for the best residential door lock manufacturers. 


Kwikset is one of the top names in the door lock market. Since 1946, the company has been working to ensure homeowners feel safe using Kwikset door locks. The company is continuously releasing new products based on technological developments, ensuring that your home stays protected in the future. 

Kwikset sells various residential door locks, including deadbolts, smart locks, knobs, and even sets of locks. 


Schlage is a leading lock manufacturer that sells any lock you could need for your home. Operating since 1920, they focus on selling top-notch hardware that lasts a long time. 

In addition to offering various electronic and standard locks, Schlage works on creating stylish products that match your home’s aesthetic. Choose from multiple finishes and trims, or contact them to custom-make a lock for your home. 


As an innovative lock company, Medeco focuses on bringing the best in security to protecting your home. Besides providing durable, strong locks to homes, Medeco products protect government facilities, offices, hospitals, banks, and much more. 

Medeco sells deadbolts and padlocks, as well as keys that you can install in knobs or levers. All of their products are high-grade and built to protect.  


While it may not be as well known to the average person as Kwikset or Schlage, Yale is a 160-year-old company built on the promise of making durable, high-quality locks. The company is credited with inventing the pin-tumbler lock, a widely used mechanism that keeps a lock from opening without the correct key. 

While it’s an older company, Yale has kept up with the times and sells numerous lock types, including high-tech smart locks and deadbolts. Yale’s sister company, August, is another leading lock manufacturer that provides high-quality, high-tech locks. 


Weiser made its name off providing firm, secure residential locks. Based in Canada, the company combines innovation with style to bring you locks that not only protect your home but add great style to your front door. 

From deadbolts to levers, Weiser offers locks that provide the utmost security and greatest durability. 


If you’re considering changing out your door locks, we at Action Lock Doc have trustworthy and experienced technicians that offer 24/7 support with any questions or concerns you may have. 

We can quickly and efficiently install your new residential locks so you can feel safe and secure in your home. Contact us today to speak with our experts on how we can help you.