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How Often Should You Replace Your Home Locks

Replacing the locks on your home is an arduous task that usually happens due to an emergency such as being locked out. The thought of having your locks changed and having to have new keys cut sounds like a nightmare. However, replacing your locks keeps your home safe and keeps your mind at peace.

Break-ins almost always occur because the perpetrator has found a weakness in the door locks. The number of burglaries on homes seems to be increasing, with there now being over 2.2 million burglaries per year in the U.S. That’s why safety experts and locksmiths recommend having your locks changed more regularly than you perhaps currently do.

Most professional locksmiths will recommend that you have your locks changed every 7 years. There are, however, some circumstances that will require you to change the locks sooner. Below are some of the reasons why you may need your locks changed more frequently.

A Relationship Breakdown

It’s a natural progression to think about moving in with the person you’re in a relationship with. Whether you have your own place and they’re moving into it, or you find a home together, there’s no guarantee that the relationship will work long term.

Relationship breakdowns are tough to handle and changing the locks due to a relationship breakdown is not something that every homeowner considers. A residential locksmith will advise that if your ex-partner has a key, it’s time to change the locks. Whether they lived with you full time or were a part-time lodger, changing the locks is essential if you want to prevent them from walking in unannounced.

A Burglary

Burglary is the number one reason why homeowners need their locks changing. Burglaries are now so common in the U.S. that homeowners need to take more steps towards ensuring their safety. A burglary often happens when the perpetrator thinks there’s no one home, if there are high prize items on show, or if it’s the early hours of the morning and they think they won’t get caught. Once the chaos of police reports has settled, it’s time to think about changing the locks.

You can check for dents or damage that determine if the locks may not be as secure as they once were. If the locks and door have been completely damaged, you should call a locksmith to prevent an incident from happening again.

Moving Into a New Property

Homeowners are less likely to consider changing the locks when they move into a new home. However, you never know who lived in the house before your arrival. Unless you’re moving into a brand-new home and you know you’re the only person with a set of keys, it’s wise to consider having your locks changed as soon as you move. Renting in particular calls for a change in the door locks.

Here are some of the people who may still have a key and access to your home:

  • The previous owner
  • The family of the previous owner
  • Friends of the previous owner
  • Contractors who may have carried out work for the previous owner

The list of people who may still have a key, and therefore access to your home could go on. If you are renting a property, contact your landlord to see if they will reimburse you for the cost of having the locks changed.

Lost Or Stolen Keys

It’s easy to think that if you lose a set of keys, the only hardship is having another set of keys cut. However, you never know who was following you and saw you drop the keys. That person may then follow you home to see where you live, and then they have a free pass into your home. It may sound inconceivable, but it does happen. It’s more likely to occur if someone intentionally steals your keys.

Keys may be stolen from your bag or even straight out of your hands. Lost or stolen keys are always a reason to have the locks changed. A locksmith can quickly and effectively change your locks and provide you with replacement keys. Don’t just assume that because you have lost your keys that it will never result in someone being able to find your home.

Old Locks

Locks are not going to last forever. Door locks come to the end of their lifespan eventually. You’ll notice when the time has come if you struggle to lock or unlock the door, if the key no longer fits like a glove, or if you can see visible signs of wear and tear. As mentioned previously, the locks need to be changed every 7 years.

During those 7 years, locks are susceptible to wear and tear. Frequent use causes a physical breakdown of the structure of the lock. Rusting also has the same effect. A breakdown in the structure can mean that the key will not work as well as it used to, and it makes your home more susceptible to the tricks of lockpickers.

Damaged Locks

Damaged locks are most definitely a sign that they need replacing. There are many reasons a lock can become damaged. The most common reason a lock can become damaged is if the structure is already weak and a key has been forcefully turned in the lock. Or, if there has been a break-in or a break-in attempt, locks are often damaged.

No matter what the circumstances, a damaged lock requires the attention of a locksmith. A damaged lock means the safety of your home has is compromised, and that requires urgent attention. Damaged locks are pretty easy to notice because there will be physical signs of damage, or it will be impossible to turn the key in the lock.

Locksmith services are easily accessible if you ever find yourself in a time of need. It’s easy to access 24/7 locksmith services because, more often than not, a lock needs changing at the most inconvenient time. It’s handy to know the local locksmith services to you in case an emergency ever does arise.