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What Services Do Locksmiths Provide?

As locksmiths, we provide a multitude of different services that people may not know about. Most people think that they need the help of locksmiths only when they’re locked out of their home or car. However, locksmiths mostly get called for replacing lost keys and beefing up the locks on homes or businesses, and there are actually many different types of locksmiths that offer various services.

General Locksmiths

Depending on the type of issue you find yourself having, you look for a certain type of locksmith. In general, however, locksmiths can be categorized into these few services:

  • Lock repair: If you have damaged or old locks that need renewal, this is the service that you need.
  • Copying of keys: If you happen to share an apartment room with a spouse, you might want to get your key copied, so both of you have independent access to the room anytime.
  • Getting you into a locked-out space: This service is needed when you want to get back into a locked house, car, etc.
  • Opening safes: If your safe key is lost for whatever reason, instead of personally trying to open it by damaging the safe further, consider having a new key for it by using this service.
  • Improving home security: This basically has something to do with updating locks and making your home safer.
  • Changing locks: You can also change all locks in your home/work/car for other personal reasons.

We get more granular into the different types of locksmiths below based on the locks the locksmith is dealing with.

Automotive Locksmith Services

An automotive locksmith is a locksmith that deals solely with vehicles. If you ever find that you’re locked out of your car or lost your car key, this is the locksmith you should call. An automotive locksmith can cut you a new key should your key get stuck inside of your car door or ignition, or is simply lost.

However, unlike the emergency locksmith, which we will also discuss below, an automotive locksmith might not be the best suit for emergency situations, such as if your children or pets are locked inside of your car.

Commercial Locksmith Services

A commercial locksmith is a locksmith that caters to businesses instead of personal use. Think of any big corporations such as office buildings, hospitals, department stores, etc. The most common job for a commercial locksmith is installing new locks. Locks get changed in large businesses due to the need for additional security, and this is where a commercial locksmith comes in.

Along with new locks, commercial locksmiths make a living by making copies of keys, repairing damaged locks and keys, and creating master key systems. Security is such a major issue and vital feature for a large business, so the need for a reliable locksmith is crucial.

Commercial locksmiths are more likely to work for a company rather than on their own. A business is likely to contact a contractor who would then provide them with a commercial locksmith for their needs. Of course, the cost of your locksmith varies greatly depending on the time of day that you request their locksmith services.

Residential Locksmith Services

Contrary to commercial locksmiths, residential locksmiths work mainly in residential areas for personal use. A residential locksmith may help you get into your locked home, create extra keys or change your locks, or even help provide better security options for your home.

Getting locked out, whether from your house, work, or car, is extremely common. Residential locksmiths are well-versed in helping you make sure the lockout from your home ends as painlessly as possible.

Residential locksmiths are more likely to work on their own rather than for a company and therefore have the advantage of getting their name out by word of mouth that helps the number of their customers multiply.

Safe Locksmith Services

Safe locksmiths are those that deal with safes, either those kept in homes or at businesses. If you find that you can’t open your safe, this is the locksmith that can help you. A safe locksmith will help you should you lose your key to your safe or forget your combination.

If you tried to open your safe with no experience, you’d surely end up scratching, denting, or otherwise damaging your safe. A safe locksmith ensures your safe gets opened without damaging it in the safest way possible.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Emergency locksmith services could fall under any category of a locksmith. If you happen to lock yourself out of your car, for example, there are emergency automotive locksmiths that work round the clock. Should you lose your house key, an emergency residential locksmith is somebody to call. While an emergency locksmith will surely be more expensive, sometimes it’s the best, and only, option.

If you find yourself locked out of your car, home, safe, or work, an emergency locksmith will be able to get there quickly and solve your problem promptly. Emergency locksmith companies will be able to provide you with a technician even if you get locked out in the middle of the night.

Keep a Locksmith on Hand!

Locksmiths offer a wide variety of services to both corporations and personal residencies. If you are a new homeowner, changing your home’s locks is the perfect way to give you peace of mind. Calling a locksmith fixes this easily.

If you’ve finally opened your first business and had to let go of a disgruntled employee, changing the locks can help ensure your other employees feel safe at work. A commercial locksmith is the one to call! When considering a locksmith, you can refer to this article to decide which services you require because each locksmith will offer a different variety of specialties.

When thinking of anything locks, keys, or home security, remember locksmiths! Don’t forget that we offer more than you may have thought initially.

Many people don’t realize how useful a locksmith can be. Often, people only call locksmiths during emergencies – but don’t make that mistake! It’s beneficial and smart to keep a locksmith’s number saved in your phone. You may never know when it could come in handy.