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Rockwall Locksmithing Services

Locksmith Services
  • Re-key locks
  • Provide and install safes
  • Door replacement
  • Open and repair safety deposit locks
  • Install Access Control Systems
  • Install Video Cameras and systems
  • Create Master Key Systems
  • Emergency locksmith services
  • Change safe and vault combinations
  • Install Panic Bars, Keyless Entry, etc.
  • Make keys to doors, file cabinets, etc.
  • Service under counter bank equipment

Our Locksmith Services


Your safety is our concern. Our commercial locksmith services comprise safes, push & panic bars, and lock re-keying to address your needs.


Stranded with locked car keys or requiring a key fob replacement? Look beyond AAA and the car dealership for assistance in resuming your journey.


Your peace of mind within your residence is essential. Our locksmiths can re-key locks, change locks, create spare keys, and assist with anything else you require.

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How we can help you

Access Control

Installing access control helps your business control which personnel can access specific areas, automatically lock and unlock doors on a schedule, and much, much more!


No matter why you need your locks re-keyed or if you want your locks changed out, our experienced locksmiths will come to you, vet your needs, and get you squared away.

Door replacement

Your locks are only as good as the doors they're installed in. We offer our door replacement services to ensure that you're using sturdy, high quality doors to stay safe.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Our locksmiths are well versed and experienced with handling safe deposit boxes. and have the expertise to both open and repair safe deposit boxes.

Safe Repair

Our locksmiths are regularly trained and are familiar with most residential and commercially available safes so they can open, change the combo, repair, and more.

Video Cameras

We also offer a variety of residential and commercial surveillance camera systems so you can secure your home or business even when you're not there.

Best Locksmith in Rockwall

We've been providing Rockwall, TX with our professional locksmith services for over 40 years, but don't take our word for it.

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Cathalina D.
Cathalina D.

WOW! I went to three other places for a special key to be duplicated and none of the other places could help me. Action Lock Doc helped in every way- they were fast (they made the key within 10 minutes of me being there), affordable, and professional. I highly recommend them and will be returning for any other key/lock needs.

Wendy H.
Wendy H.

These guys are great. Very friendly and helpful, both on the phone and in person. I will definitely use them again and recommend them. I locked my key fob in my car (which isn't supposed to happen). I had the key code and called them to see if they could make me a key. They put me on hold and had to hunt for the right one. They found it, made me a key and saved me $$$. Plus now I have an extra key!

Anna B.
Anna B.

Every key that they have made for me has worked perfectly. I have even had them rekey a file cabinet that I purchased on clearance elsewhere that was missing a key. I've been doing business there for at least 20 years. Always pleased.

Shellie K.
Shellie K.

So glad I found Joseph and his team!

Kelly H.
Kelly H.
Best experience I've ever had with a locksmith - and I've had quite a few experiences with them, unfortunately! Jeff was the greatest. He was so kind and very professional. He was also able to get to me in less than 30 minutes, he called me when he was on his way, and it took him no more than 2 minutes to unlock my car. Super quick and easy! Thank you Jeff!!!
Sergey F.
Sergey F.

Prompt, professional, and friendly. Needed a key, Ian had me in and out in 5 minutes. Would definitely recommend.

Wayne W.
Wayne W.

Bought a Schlage Smart Lock from Amazon. Needed to get it re-keyed so the key would match all the rest of my house locks. The guys at Action Lock Doc were able to do it in few minutes while I waited...and for a very fair price. I've definitely saving them in my favorites in case I ever again need lock work done.

Joe P.
Joe P.

Fixed my problem within 20 minutes. Their tech, Jeff, was a very nice young man. Appeared to be very knowledgeable, was pleasant, was courteous and articulate. Most of the time you never know who might show up or how they might perform. This was a very pleasant experience and I would definitely recommend this company. Jeff is an excellent representative of this company.

Charelle H.
Charelle H.

i need my home door key pad to be installed and surprisingly Action lock & key was able to install it. They had really kind customer service and was really professional.

Paul D.
Paul D.

Ian was outstanding. I needed a couple of rare keys cut and he not only had the blanks, but he was very knowledgeable and courteous. I will definitely go there again.

Professional Locksmithing Services in Rockwall, TX

Rockwall is a fantastic place to live and work, but that doesn't mean that security isn't important. Those who live in or near the city will want to make sure they have the proper security measures in place to prevent theft, and businesses will want to make sure they're secure, especially at night. Our team of locksmiths can help with residential, commercial, and auto locksmithing services, including emergency services as needed. If you're a Rockwall resident or business owner, learn more about how to protect your property from theft.

Professional door lock installation in Rockwall, TX

Residential Locksmith Services

Most thieves look for things that are easier to steal without getting caught. Thefts are often a crime of opportunity. It's best to bring in anything valuable at night or when you won't be home. Leaving a bike or lawnmower in the yard means it's possible it will be stolen. When it comes to belongings inside a home, locking the doors may be all that's needed to keep thieves away. Still, burglaries and thefts do happen, so upgrading to a stronger lock may be a good idea.

Our team can help if you'd like to make the home more secure. We can replace the current locks with stronger ones that are more difficult to get past. We can also help with the installation of keypad locks or smart locks, depending on your needs, as well as replace any broken or damaged locks. We can replace missing keys, rekey locks, or create new keys if you need a new spare key. If you need any help with the locks on your home, one of our experts will be able to assist you.

Business owners know how vital locks are for their property. Locks may be used on internal and external doors, fencing, and outbuildings. When a lock is broken or damaged, it needs to be replaced quickly. Older locks may need to be upgraded to newer locks, and some businesses may want to switch from a keyed lock to a keyless entry that's easier to keep secure. No matter what your business needs, our team can help.

We can recommend newer locks that will secure the building better as well as provide security-related advice. If you have any issues with broken or missing keys, we can replace them for you. We can also create new keys to the building or to certain rooms, rekey the current locks to fit your business better, and a lot more. Let one of our professionals take a look at your locks today to see what needs to be done to keep your business secure, especially at night when the building is empty.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Automotive Locksmith Services

The number one way to prevent automotive thefts or the theft of items inside a vehicle is to keep it locked all the time. Unfortunately, this can lead to the keys being locked in the car inadvertently. When this happens, one of our locksmiths can arrive quickly to get the vehicle unlocked so you can be on your way. We can also help if a key has broken off into a lock or into an ignition by removing the broken key and replacing it. We can replace the newer key fobs if they stop working as well as fix or replace any locks that might be damaged. Is it impossible to lock the trunk because the lock is broken? Let us fix it so you can keep the trunk locked and anything inside of it secure.


Rockwall, TX

In Rockwall, theft is the biggest concern. There are, on average, 9,171 thefts per year. There are also 4,289 burglaries and 4,670 motor vehicle thefts per year. For residents and business owners, this means security is a top priority. Residents have a one in 33 chance of becoming the victim of a property crime, so they'll want to do as much as possible to keep their belongings safe. This can include making sure all doors are locked as well as upgrading locks, so it's more difficult for a thief to get access to their belongings.

Today, more home, vehicle, and business owners are taking the right steps to secure their property and prevent thefts, but they do still happen. Fixing broken locks and upgrading older locks can help, and we can do these services. We can also help with any emergency lock services, such as when your keys are locked in the car. If you'd like to look into your options for better security or you need fast help, contact us today.

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